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Dongguan Sino Crystal Semiconductor Co., Ltd

SINCE 2010


Dongguan Sino Crystal  Semiconductor Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as Sino Crystal Semiconductor ),which is located in Science and Technology Industrial Park of Qishi Town, Dongguan and with a registered capital of 300 million Yuan, is the third key industrialization project of Guangdong Guangda Enterprise Group in the semiconductor field following Sino Nitride Semiconductor and Sinopatt Semiconductor. Relying on the technical support of Peking University, the company has introduced an integrated production-study-research team from both domestic and international areas of expertise which covers the core areas of Mini/MicroLED and devices. In 2017, the company built the world’s most advanced production line in Qishi and its various product technologies have reached the international leading standard. With the support of manufacturing technologies of serial precision semiconductor equipment such as HVPE equipment and on the base of GaN substrates, Sino Crystal Semiconductor is mainly focusing on the development of Mini/MicroLED epitaxy and chip technologies, and also extending to the direction of the new display module. Meanwhile, Sino Crystal Semiconductor will use GaN substrate material technology as its basis to incubate VCSEL, power electrical devices, compound semiconductor RF devices, packaging modules for vehicle lighting, laser packaging modules and other international advanced technologies, and carry out global industrial distribution.


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  • Address:Science and Technology Industrial Park of Qishi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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